IP Camera VS Analogue CCTV Camera

Video Surveillance is a important part of securing different infrastructures today. It is everywhere from the roads we drive on to the malls we drive into. CCTV as a system has already migrated to IP based in the developed countries but due to the cost difference & lack of understanding countries like India are still a hot bed for these legacy equipment which have already reached there End Of Life.

Let me try & explain the benefit in context to someone whose requirement is a simple solution with 16 cameras & someone who has a complex requirement of a large surveillance system.

Advantages of IP Surveillance over Analogue Surveillance systems :

  1. Cost of Ownership : A white-paper published by Axis reliably explains that IP-based systems of 14 cameras have a lower total cost of ownership than corresponding analog- based systems.
  2. Picture Quality : The basic resolutions of a good quality IP camera provides 720P quality crystal clear picture. HD quality makes everything perfectly visible & the security footage is actually usable in hours of need.
  3. System Expansion : The components of IP cameras are completely scalable, that means if you buy a system of 4 cameras now, & later on decide to add 4 more you can add another system & merge the two to make a single unified surveillance system. Need extra storing space for extending days of recording, simple enough add a NAS device & you are good to go.
  4. Ease of Installation : No need to use complex video cable & power cables, a simple CAT5/6 lan cable is good enough to provide both power & carry video over the same cable. With use of wireless P2P technology long distance surveillance is also possible in areas where laying of wire is a hassle.
  5. Existing Infrastructure use : The IP based system can be integrated with your existing network allowing you to use the existing networking backbone to setup surveillance points & monitoring areas. A newer system can be also added to an old IP system with use of Encoders / Decoders.
  6. Reliability : The problem with a analogue system is the reliability of the surveillance i.e. due to constant & inevitable failures in power supplies the surveillance breaks apart which is not the case with IP CCTV System, as this system uses Power over Ethernet which provides reliable power without fail to keep the surveillance on 24X7.

More & more people are waking up to the fact that IP Cameras provide a much polished surveillance environment, & thus the prices will come down further as demand spurs, more over the consumer will be happier.


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