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CCTV Cameras & Surveillance Products form the core of, our huge list of brands from some of the worlds top vendors & our expertise in installation of Closed Circuit Television products & also the fact that we are able to provide customers with top notch service has earned us many a award for “North East’s Best Surveillance Product System Integrator”.

Resolution is the most important decision for a good surveillance system.

In any Closed Circuit Tele Vision system the most important factor is the Camera & the Digital Video Recorder. The Camera will capture the video & present it to the screen you have connected to the Digital Video Recorder, & the Digital Video Recorder will store those images for you to retrieve later. Now in a scenario where either the Camera & the Digital Video Recorder is a not a match for each other then their will be issues arising from that combination, so below mentioned are the best combinations for different camera resolutions & DVR recording capabilities :

  • CIF DVRs: 360 x 240 – Obsolete Product
  • D1 DVRs (4CIF): 720 x 480 – 600 TVL +
  • 960H DVRs (WD1): 960 x 480 – 700 TVL +

So for any surveillance needs the client should use the best product i.e. the combination of a 960H DVRs (WD1) along with a 700 TVL camera or better for a good surveillance system. works on these “Three Principals” to make sure our customers are never disappointed :

  1. Providing best expertise for site survey & suggest equipments accordingly.
  2. Make sure the Presentation to the customer along with the product leaflets is par excellence.
  3. Provide amazing rates which will be unmatched in the industry along with
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Understanding CCTV Cameras & Lens Guide

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cctv camera lens

Which Brands We Deal In :Brands

As we give the highest priority to our core business of surveillance at, some of the brands we deal in are :  HikvisionCapture Honeywell Samsung Dahua Pelco Axis, the brands mentioned here fill up the list of names for the TOP 10 Surveillance brands In the world.

Who Can BenefitSolutions For

CCTV Surveillance is becoming a must have product for small customers like home owners or retail outlets employing less then 10 people, their need is to make sure the people visiting their home is monitored & recorded while a retail shop owner wants to stop pilferage at his or hers store.

Large organisation & government are looking for surveillance for the sole purpose of security & safety, installing IP based CCTV Systems combined with the worlds best video analytic softwares in these organisations make the trouble of monitoring large areas blow away through use of a central monitoring room, thus making the security more efficient & effective.

People looking for security today have CCTV Surveillance as the priority, also offers Intrusion Detection, Access Control, which are also means to protect your homes & commercial installations.

How to Choose the Right PackageCCTV Cameras

CCTV surveillance systems are not that hard to understand as long as you have a basic understanding of any video recoding device.

  • Evaluate your budget
    • Decide on a budget, if you are looking for higher resolution cameras, be ready to pay a higher price or if there are budget constraints then you have to settle with a lower resolution cameras.
  • Type of Cameras
    • Choose Weather you need indoor or outdoor cameras, if you are mounting the camera on the ceiling then you have to go for dome type camera, otherwise for wall mounting, bullet type camera is suitable.
  • DVR Recording Space & resolution
    • DVR’s have a hardisk fitted for recoding, & the recording resolutions are different for different types of DVRs, the dvr will consume space depending on the type of resolutions set for recording, keep in mind a good recording resolution is required for facial verification, so minimum 4CIF recording is recommended.
    • 1 Camera recording @ CIF Res – 15 GB / Day
    • 1 Camera recording @ 4CIF Res – 35 GB / Day

Checkout our cctv products below & if you require any help we are always there, get in touch with us & we will do our best to help you out.

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